Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, I have experienced something I could live without! This last week my van started acting up. At this time of year the AC is essential. Guess what's having problems. Scott assures me it is nothing serious (thank goodness he can know these things!) but it definately has a problem. I start my car this morning, pull out of the driveway and 20 yards down the street my AC turns off then my ABS and Check Engine light come on. I pull over, turn the car off and then on again. Scott showed me this trick. Yup, that did it, until I turned the corner. I pulled over again before I even exited our community. After a quick stop at Target I entered the car and wasn't out of the parking lot before the process started again. And then again at the stop light. And again before as I turned the corner. Really, its not too bad. I roll down the windows and let the blow dryer begin. Eliza begs me from the back seat to roll up the window... if only she knew how much hotter it would be. At this point I'm praying for any sort of stop so I can restart the car. Wouldn't you know I hit all green lights! Half way to Costco I finally get a light! I've never been happier to sit at a stop light! I'm just so glad it isn't 115 yet!

Reading Books

Scott has often wondered why I read the books I do. I enjoy simple, easy, quick books that don't take a whole lot to engage myself. I've been reading more this year than I have in a while and really enjoy it. I am just finishing a book on Princess Diana. I must get more into my books than I thought because my dreams reflect whatever I am reading. The other night I had a dream that Scott was acting like Prince Charles, and this is not a good thing. I woke up a little upset about the whole thing. It took me a few hours to realize it was a dream and that it was the book I was reading. So, Scott should be happy I stick to little romances and not mysteries or other types. When I read romances Scott is the knight in shining armor and it makes me realize how good I really have it! He is much sweeter than any made up character. The things Scott has to put up with!

Monday, June 23, 2008

My First Cake

Don't look too closely but this is my first attempt at decorating a cake. It is alright. I was a little too lazy to mix any more colors so I had to repeat but it was fun! I really think this is something I will do for a long time. It is not Eliza's Birthday but I knew she would be excited when I showed her the pretty rainbow... it was all for practice.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

One More Thing

I almost forgot! My favorite part of summer is turning on the cold water to brush my teeth and being greeted by the flow of warm water. Ahhh, the joy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ahhh, Summertime

This summer I had a few things I wanted to do. While Scott is in school I really couldn't do too much because I didn't have any extra help. I have recently enlisted his help with all BUT a signed contract to watch the girls while I have a little fun. I signed up for a cake decorating class and now a sewing class. The sewing class is actually about my sewing machine that I have had for almost two years. Sewing to me is my therapy. Obviously I should sew more often but it is difficult some days. I do enjoy it though. So, for 5 hours a week I indulge myself! I feel quite selfish about the whole thing but I have justified it in my mind so here I go. I decorate my first cake this Monday, I'm sure I'll post a picture.
Another sign that summer is here is the kids screaming as I try to buckle them into their car seats which are 180 degrees! Poor Jenna just burst into tears and Eliza just keeps on telling me over and over "its hot mom, its hot!" UGH!!
And we can't forget the first power bill of the summer. Yesterday my friend was telling me how little hers was and how suprised she was because it wasn't very high. Seeing as how I only check my mail once a week I decided I should check it to see the damage. Obviously we are doing something wrong because it was more than twice hers! I hate the summer power bill more than anything. Perhaps I'll take up a new hobby as therapy just to cope with it. Actually, I'm sure Scott would appreciate it if I'd just stick to one or two things instead of having to buy all new stuff once I want to try something. What a good husband for always encouraging and doing his part in watching the kids. I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This morning I heard one of the worst things to hear. Eliza comes into the bathroom while I am showering and says, "Mom, Jenna peed on the couch." "What, doesn't she have her diaper on." My first thought was Eliza wanted to blame Jenna for an accident that she had. I was only half way through my shower so as I cleaned myself up I envisioned the pee soaking into the depths of my couch only to be recognized again from smell...oh, that's the worst. So, I quickly dried, ran downstairs to discover a nice dark puddle on the couch. I was a little confused as Jenna still had her diaper on. Hmmm, mystery to me. One quick whiff and sure enough it was pee...not water. So how does this happen? Little Jenna sits down, pulls the diaper to the side, pees and her diaper moves back? I don't know but the diaper was ready to be changed anyway. Now I am left with the mess on the couch. I've been thinking about getting a steam cleaner lately and this only adds to the arguement FOR one. I really want one but am not quite convinced of the cost effectiveness. Anyone want to come and visit? You can spend hours on sitting on the couch and visiting!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And Now Presenting - Jenna

Here is our budding vocalist. Jenna loves to sing. There doesn't need to be music...just the music in her head. She is so funny. I tried to get more of her singing on video but of course the moment I pulled out the camera she was more interested in it than singing. Just a few moments before some of this she was singing at the top of her lungs for a few minutes. Scott and I just sat on the other side of the room and chuckled. She is too cute!!!

Today, during Relief Society about half the room was laughing at her as she began to sing during the prelude to the hymn. She is not shy. I wish you could see more of her but at the same time I'm grateful I even got this amount of footage.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Would Have Thunk?

Yesterday on my way home from work, yes -I work one day a week again, I called mom and she told me it was snowing in Missoula yesterday! WOW! It was the 10th of June! Apparently there was 6 inches in town. It was 105 here! Two extremes....I don't know which is worse. Thankfully this summer has been off to a slow start. I'm sure the heat will be here and unbearable very soon so I will enjoy days like today, in the mid 80's. I could do a whole summer of this.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Eliza has quite the business going. Whenever grandkids send things to my mom she sends them back a note and a dollar. The note is by far the more important to Eliza but she is learning that the money is pretty handy too. I had told my friend Kaleen all about Eliza and her note from Grandma. One day while at her house Kaleen was asking Eliza if she got a note from her Grandma and what was in it. Finally she clued into the money. Eliza was drawing a picture at the time, ripped it from the notebook, handed it to Kaleen and said "where's my money?" Hmmm, we're at that really uncomfortable stage where I never know what is going to come out of her mouth. The other day we were at the grocery store and the lady in the line next to us had quite a few tattoos. "Mom, she's got colors all over her!" Only worse was during swimming and I'm changing her after and she points out to me "Look mom, she has a white bum!" Yup, there was only one other lady in the room and a bunch of little girls... UGH. Ooops, back to the money thing... So, now my mom gets cut up paper, drawings and stickers in the mail. Eliza even tried to mail her money the other day. Grandma gave Eliza a big present the other day though. She sent her a lot more than a dollar. Eliza was thrilled to go and get some crafts for the summer. She had so much fun picking all the things she wanted to spend her money on. Thanks Grandma!

Dancing Girl!

Well, hello again. I have no real reason I haven't written for so long, I've just been doing other things. Eliza has had a couple fun things happen this last month. She performed in her first dance recital. She had so much fun! This little girl is a tapping machine! She was also asked to be a flower girl for Scott's counsin. She had so much fun dressing up like a princess. She just followed the bride around all night and thought they were princess's together. It was cute. Jenna was also pretty darn cute that night. We had fun with family and friends!