Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Photo

Yes...I am way behind in a lot of things but wanted to post our newest family picture. We are still just loving the new addition in our family...he is so sweet and such a great baby.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Case you were wondering

Every day IS NOT perfect. Some days my kids don't get a bath. Other days they get three.
Jenna had told me the day before that the dirt she was putting in her hair and James' was so they could fly! Well I hope he flew a lot this day!
James had already had a bath...was ready for bed but decided to have a quick dip.

And this was the end of the day.

Precious Logan

Day of Blessings and Joy

What a great day! I even made it through without crying! I love my sweet little kids and the wonderful spirit they bring into my life. Even after hard days I can say I am grateful to have the family that I do. I have a fabulous husband who loves in spite of all my shortcomings and treats me with more love and respect than I deserve. We have been so blessed and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father every day for these four special blessings.