Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Watch out baby!

I've been waiting almost 2 years for James to wear this suit! Oh my...ADORABLE!!

Just so you know

Isn't he awesome! I had a weak moment and thought he could handle the pudding...whatever.

Where have we been?

Well, life has been a little busy and actually right now...yes, the week before Christmas, I am less busy than I have been in months. Partly due to the lack of a computer for 2 months and moving right after that I have not been able to post anything. But, as of today I have a functional computer, internet that actually works and time to sit and stare at the screen! Wahoo!!

I just downloaded all my pictures onto my "new" computer so hopefully I'll be able to do cliff notes of the past couple of months and catch up on our lie a bit. I know you all have missed me something terrible so ease your mind...I'M BACK!