Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Not So Little News

Here's our sweet boy! James Connor Leavitt. He was born February 26, 4:02pm, 9lb, 20 1/2in. I'm not sure on the color of his eyes because they just aren't open very much yet... it depends on the moment. Enjoy!

Life's Little Calculations

A while back Scott asked me if I ever use my math in my household, no. Not really. I did however calculate the surface area of a poopy diaper at one time. Today I just did a little adding and subtracting. Of all my math operations these are pretty week... how do you major in math and not be able to add and subtract? Calculators! Kind of like not knowing how to spell because of spell check...

So here you go. Scott and I were married 6 years ago, 72 months. Of these lets add up how many I have been pregnant or nursing... Ready? Eliza = 19 months, Miscarriage = 2 months, Jenna = 18 months, Current = 9 months and counting. But on our 6th anniversary this is what you get - 48 months out of 72 months. That is 67% of our married lives!

In our 72 months together, besides childbearing and rearing, we have moved to and from Montana, Scott is 3/4 done with school, is a successful salesman, I have run a half marathon (note: this is an additional 4 months of commitment - what else should I do if I'm not nursing or pregnant?), we have enjoyed many family trips to Montana, Canada and Brian Head. We have made wonderful friends and I am learning to enjoy being in Las Vegas. Life is good and we have been very blessed by so many things.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Joshua Bell

I hope you can view this cool video... and here is the story that goes with the video. Pretty great story if you ask me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Date Has Been Set

Well.. the good and the bad happened yesterday. I have been up at least every other night for the last two weeks with some serious contractions. (if this is TMI you may want to stop reading now!) This doesn't include the ones during the day that I have to endure while managing two kids. I never had any pre-anything with Eliza and at 41 weeks, 24 hours of strong contractions I had enough and we headed to the hospital. NOTHING! There began the first one. Jenna was totally different and we had her a few weeks early so I never had anything with her. This one is different. Yesterday I had a little check up. NO PROGRESS! Are you serious? I mean at least if I'm in pain let it be worth something. File my nails too closely or let me have a bruise but good grief, nothing? So, me and the good doc set a date. Whether the baby wants it or not he'll be here on the 26th, at the latest! At least I can start the countdown in days instead of "I don't know". Now I have to endure the countdown with Eliza. It's almost like Christmas to her. Three weeks has no bearing to her and after hearing it 200 times a day I wish I wouldn't have told her. My friend suggested a chart to let her fill up with stickers until the baby comes. I think I'll work on that! Perhaps it will keep us both motivated!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 things you may not know about me...

1. I stink at adding and subtracting, even though I majored in math.
2. I'm addicted to sugar...everyday at 3pm
3. I am wierd about my pens. I like fine point, and just have to have a certain something when I write with them. I have terrible handwriting so it is asking a lot out of a pen.
4. I like the smell of coffee when I'm pregnant.
5. I HATE loose on the floor, in the sink, in the shower, on my hands, stuck to my shirt and I can't see them but feel them on my neck...ICK!!
6. I love camping, and fishing (but won't eat the fish)
7. Once I start laundry I have to finish it, meaning folded and put away
8. I HATE ironing.
9. I don't enjoy shopping-like for clothes, shoes, most things
10. I love trying new recipes and baking!
11. I love the smell of pinesol.
12. I start getting a little nervous when I'm out of certain cleaning supplies...especially Lysol
13. I can put my makeup on in one change of a stoplight...not a super long one either
14. I ran my first half marathon last year
15. I don't like seafood...AT ALL
16. I dislike mismatched dishes...but I have quite a few now that I have kids and we have to have plastic and glass and whatever holiday gear comes out
17. I know VERY LITTLE about Hollywood gossip or celebs...I'm real dumb that way
18. I love math and would go back to school and study physics if I could
19. I've performed autopsies
20. I think I'm super organized and clean, but I'm not in reality
21. I hate having more than one page of emails in my "inbox"
22. I have to eat the heal of a fresh baked loaf of bread, but will rarely eat one after its cold
23. I hate know its a rough day if I have one in my hair
24. My favorite show is The Office
25. I despise playdoe

Jenna's 2nd Birthday

Here is our sweet little thing turning two! I can't believe she is two! Who let her get this old. She still doesn't talk too much but has no problem communicating.

Have I posted lately????

Um, no. I've been a little know, lying on the couch trying to gain as much weight as possible. It's my new thing. Stop the gym, lay around. Anyway, I just downloaded these awesome pictures. This is one of Scott's favorite things to do on a Saturday. Clean out the GARAGE! I guess it would compare to me cleaning out my sewing area... but we all get to enjoy this. Isn't it GREAT!!!

Pretty awesome! (Eat your heart out Arnold!! He is only trying to make you look bad!!)

Now we have to try and keep it this way which is okay for a few months and then we get a little lazy... as with all things! The motivation comes that I now have to keep my house as clean as the garage or else we have to go and eat out there. Hopefully I can keep up.