Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We decided to go camping for Memorial Weekend. We were too late to go to Zion but started to look around at other options. A few months ago I had hooked up with my cousin using Facebook - which is the best way to find people! Well, I decided to ask if we could come and visit over the long weekend. She lives in Pinetop Arizona and I thought it would be an adventure. She was up for the chaos. As the week started out we were watching the weather get worse and worse. Cherilyn called on Thursday to tell me it had dumped rain all day. UGH. Is there anything worse than camping in the rain for 3 days? Scott was determined to go so here we go....

The kids were okay, things were cramped but everybody was in. We survived the Hoover Dam... with delays as usual. The bridge they are building is quite impressive - and frightening. Can you imaging driving that far above the gorge?

Cherilyn, David and their 5 kids went camping with us on Friday night. We spent Saturday hiking around, catching up around the fire and taking rides on the funnest toy ever. Eliza couldn't get enough of it and poor Cherilyn was forced to take her out.

Family is great! You can miss each other for 10 years and meet up and its like time stood still. The girls had fun with their new friends. And guess what - no rain until we were in our tent on Saturday night. Here is the georgeous area we camped in. It was so nice and the weather was perfect.
Emily found another great toy...poor thing was about dead by the time the kids got done with it.
Jenna doesn't look like she was having fun at all! Here's the whole fam! We really did have a blast. The girls were so happy and dirty!

Jenna cuddled up with the rock for quite some time. She'd pet it and talk to it and want me to give it a little, no thanks.
Here's my sweet cousin who put up with our craziness for 3 days!
And what camping trip would be complete without the potty making its way home for the next trip!

Thanks for a great weekend Halls Family! We had a blast!

Memorial Weekend - Part II

As if the weekend couldn't get better it was actually at the beginning but it made for fun throughout the weekend. As we pulled into Pinetop we were meeting Cherilyn's husband at the third circle K. Yes, directions are in the number of circle K you passed. We were just hanging out when David pulled in. I met him a long time ago... the details are quite fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure I did. Anyway, Scott looks over and says, "I know this guy." Sure enough he had served in their ward in Cleveland while on his mission.
They even carved Halloween pumpkins together. Who knew! The world just got a bit smaller!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Giving Matters

I really enjoyed this talk. It is about 35 minutes but well worth it! Thanks to my brother Bryce for finding it.