Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok...I obviously don't know how to add a video to my blog...but this is the funniest and grossest thing I've seen in a long time! Thanks Liv!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Snap-the jobs a game" Mary Poppins

Well...some things in life are just a chore! Recently we have had some decisions to make regarding our home. I have needed to make some changes in the way I handle our money, meaning I'm trying not to spend any. This started out as being so hard! I felt like a bad mom because I was going to make powdered milk for my kids to drink. I was going to cut out meat from some meals. We were going to eat beans. We were going to eat a lot more potatoes. Wow! I felt so much self pity with this whole decision. With a word of encouragement from my friend I made up my mind to make it fun. She called it "the GREAT pantry challenge". I think she had read it on a blog from some frugal lady... Anyway, I decided this was my challenge. So, for almost a month we have been only buying fresh fruit, veggies and milk products. I also do buy diapers, deodorant and other hygiene things but only after they are totally gone from the house.

I have learned so much lately. I am learning what is really important to have in food storage and what isn't. Like, I thought Rice a Roni was such a great deal at $1 box...well, the weevils love it and so that went in the trash. Now I have learned to make my own with my own rice. I've learned I need a lot more rice in my storage. I would really like powdered eggs. I need more oil. I need to have a lot more applesauce. I know applesauce doesn't sound essential but with my young kids it is a great filler. I think in the future I will buy apples and make it myself. I need more sugar simply for canning when items do come on sale.

Well...that list could go on and on. I am also learning the joy of price matching. Living in Vegas has some perks. We live in a highly Hispanic area so we have Hispanic grocery stores. They have the most fabulous deals on food. I simply print their ads online and go to Wal-Mart and walk out with lots of food for cheap...let me show you what I did last week.

All of this cost me $6.27. I didn't even have price match for the celery or bananas! Even a week later I still have a head of lettuce, tomatoes and peppers that will be fine to use this week. Yesterday I went and bought a 10 lb bag of potatoes for .59! Like I said, we are eating a lot more potatoes! I'm not really great at all this but truly if we have food like this and can make it last with what is in the pantry I don't feel deprived at all. We are truly blessed! I'm glad I have my food storage to use and when the time comes I will supply it again and perhaps a bit differently. So, I am learning that my happiness does not come from finding a great deal, but being happy with what I have.