Monday, September 22, 2008

The Office

Some of you may know I LOVE The Office! I am gearing up for the season premier so have started to watch my season two over. It's the only one I have but I love it. It will probably wear out because of use. Anyway, as I was making my cookie dough to eat a new episode came on and I over heard Eliza humming the theme song to the show... apparently I need to watch something different and very soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why? What?

So Eliza has entered a new phase in her life. She just turned four. I had no idea this could be interpreted as the "why" stage. This is how a conversation with her goes:
Eliza: Where are we going?
Me: To the gym.
Eliza: Why are we going to the gym?
Me: Because I like to go exercise.
Eliza: Why do you like to exercise?
Me: Because it helps me stay healthy.
Eliza: Why does it help you stay healthy?
Me: Because it keeps my heart good.
Eliza: Why does it keep your heart good?
Me: So I can be your mommy longer. Do you want me to be your mommy?
Eliza: Why are you my momm?
Me: Who would you like to be your mommy?
Eliza: You.
Me: Good.

I really have no idea how to stop these conversations. They pop up everywhere... going to the bathroom, going to the store, gym, park, dance class... you name it there are at least 20 associated "why" questions attached to that point in time. I surely miss those days when the question was what! I would give my single answer and conversation over.

Eliza: Mom, what is that?
Me: It is a dead bug.

Now the conversation may start like that but finished totally differently.

Eliza: Mom, what is that?
Me: It is a dead bug.
Eliza: Why is the bug dead?
Me: It just died.
Eliza: Why did it die?
Me: It didn't want to be in our house.
Eliza: Why didn't it want to be in our house?
Me: Because we have a dog.
Eliza: Does Maggie like bugs?
Me: Just to play with them.
Eliza: Why does Maggie like to play with them?
Me: Because she can't do anything else with them
..... I promise you I could go on... So perhaps I don't need the questions to change to WHAT, just my attitude. What? Oh, here is my favorite series on What.

Eliza: Where are we going?
Me: To the gym.
Eliza: Then what?
Me: To the store.
Eliza: Then what?
Me: To the park.
Eliza: Then what?
Me: Home.

Yup, some deprived child. She is a sweet little girl and is learning so much and just fun to have around. I just need a book of answers to all the questions. Anybody?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am now two days closer to being my mom...which is a good thing. It took me a couple of days but here we have the product...the end result...the finale! 24 Quarts and 34 Pints of peaches!!! Canning is not easy but there is something great about this picture. It can't be undone in thirty seconds or two weeks for that matter, I will have the satisfaction of accomplishing something for quite some time. The rewards will last hopefully a couple of months. Since the last time I did this little project I have acquired my 90 food supply and am suffering from lack of storage space. I think I need some help but I'll put them on top of my kitchen cabinets... great idea from a friend! I hope you all are drooling!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eliza's 4th Birthday

Here is the sweetest little girl on her 4th birthday! We decided to go to the park and open presents. In comparison to the other parties going on around us, ours was quite "simple". We had cake, ice cream, family and friends. It was great! She got many dress up clothes and spends hours every day pretending to be a different princess. This day she was Snow White. Today she is Belle.

Cooper and Riley were able to come too!

I was even able to put my cake decorating skills to work. Pretty tuff cake, but I think it turned out okay. We ate it up so I guess that is all that really matters.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My sweet Eliza

Yesterday I about died laughing at Eliza. She asked me to come and play with money with her. She loves to get out all the money from our change bowl and pile it up, sort it, stack it, play store with it...whatever... hours of entertainment. This is how she spends a lot of Jenna's nap time. Yesterday she wanted me to play with her. I went out to the stairs and sat down where she had it all set up. I was to put the money in little socks. These socks are too small for even Jenna. As I started to put the money in she showed me how it was supposed to really be done. First we had to put it in a little cup (a toy cup, very small) then use a toy 1/4 teaspoon and balance the money on it to move to the small sock that you had in your other hand. The dimes barely fit on the top of the spoon so it really was a balancing act. I set off to do the bigger coins since they were harder. After a few minutes I ran to the bathroom. I decided to take advantage of not being with the money and snuck back into the computer to check something. She comes walking in and gives me the look and says, "Really, Are you serious?" I think I have only said that to her once or twice. Obviously she really liked it though. Between the insane money playing and the little girl who is growing up too fast I had quite a good laugh.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

Oh yes! It has returned! I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! I don't know how to explain it but it is total entertainment for me. I don't really care who is playing, I don't keep track of teams, players or schedules. Any team playing their hardest and having a decent game will do. I don't like blowouts. I choose most of the teams I cheer for in no particular order... I'll probably cheer for one one week and against them the next. I love the competative nature of the game. I love how intense the players are. This is life or death out there. They do anything out there on the field! Something exciting always happens. Now my Saturdays can be filled with hours of mindless football watching for the next couple months! I LOVE IT!!