Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rest of the Story

After a long week I have to say....we survived...barely. I'd try to write something funny but at this point I'm just glad we are all not in bed watching movies all day. Actually, that would be a nice break.
Friday Scott got a call back from the DR and his foot is fractured in MULTIPLE places. Scott told him it didn't hurt too bad so the doc said he didn't need to have it casted. He was told to not play sports for 5 weeks. Well...apparently sports are only tennis and basketball because this weekend we are going to our friends cabin and he thinks he can four wheel and paintball. Real smart!!! I've tried to talk some sense into the matter but I've run out of will power for that!
We did have to put the cherry on the cake for the week, while at church yesterday. I was out in the hall with James when I hear Jenna screaming at the top of her lungs from the chapel. I walk around the side to see Scott and her coming down the hall. I are you heading to time out...Jenna was quite tired so I assumed she was having a moment. Scott pulled her away from his shirt and I noticed the blood. She put her top tooth through her bottom lip. It was like one layer away from popping through. To make things a little more unsettling we were both teaching second hour so had to put her in nursery being tired and bloody. Of course there wasn't ice to help her feel better. But she was a trooper and we all survived church. Scott taught his lesson with a bloody shirt, I stepped in for a missing teacher and then taught Relief Society the next hour. I thought Sunday's were to be relaxing....?????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eliza's New Look

The dentist appointment went as predicted. Her two front teeth needed to come out. I could have made another appointment and done it another day but good grief, I already had a babysitter for Jenna so why come back. Before I knew what was happening she was smelling laughing gas and watching a movie. The dentist came back and numbed her up. Had I been thinking clearly I would have left the room at this point. But I lost my senses sometime on Saturday so I was left alone. The next time the dentist returned it was a swift wiggle, wiggle, rip and the teeth were gone. Here is my sweet girl! She is a trooper. She even had a visit from the tooth fairy!
And for your viewing pleasure here is the cutest boy ever!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Where did the month go? We had a great holiday weekend then came home and I think it took about a week to catch up the laundry. What else have we done this month...Jenna was sick for a few days, not too much excitement there but here is the latest. About a week ago I noticed some bumps in Eliza's mouth so we are on our way to the dentist to have them looked at. From other's experience they look abscessed and she will end up losing her two front teeth. I'm pretty sad about the whole thing because the dentist really shouldn't have to pull the first tooth you loose, right?
Saturday I had my first Pampered Chef party. I decided to sell something in my spare time. It is great because I get to think about something during the day besides cleaning the house. Now I have something I have to do without kids around. It will be a little harder once Scott is in school but I think we can do it. I had a ton of fun on Saturday and will have my second party tonight!
As I was finishing the party Scott came home with the kids and got ready to do his new hobby...dirt biking. He left with his friend for the afternoon. He came gimping through the door a few hours later. He wiped out pretty bad on his way back to the truck. The bike fell on his foot and then slid for a bit. He is in some sort of cast now but still needs to get an MRI to decide if it is broken. All I know is it looks bad.
So besides the teeth, possible broken foot, and starting my own Pampered Chef there isn't too much going on.
Since I have no great pictures of any of these things, well I do have some of Eliza's teeth but I'll not share those, here are some cute ones of Jenna. I love when kids are kids. She had a great time making a mess and blowing bubbles a few weeks ago.

Really? Could he be any cuter?