Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hawaii Part 2

The second day we hiked the island a bit.  I was not used to the humidity and was sweating like a pig by the end of the hike but it was nice to out and about.

 This is where we had an amazing meal.  I think it used to be a sugar plantation.  Just beautiful!  Best meal we had on the island.

 This is the south shore...Poi Pu.  We ate at the Beachouse Restaurant.  Most beautiful setting... just awesome.

 Poi Pu Beach.  My favorite part was almost being with the turtles.  The one in the pictures was HUGE!  Almost ran into me.  What a beautiful animal.

 We took a kayak trip up the Wialua River.  After two miles of paddling we hiked into a beautiful water fall, swam in the amazing water and came out... well worth the trip!

 The north shore had the BEST beach... ENORMOUS waves.  These crazy surfers were parasailing or something on the waves, FOR HOURS!  They were quite far away but I could see one of them flipping over the top of the waves.  It must be like being pulled behind a motor boat for hours.  Biggest waves I have ever seen!

And of course at the end of the beach trip we had our shaved ice!

Hawaii Part 1

I know you all thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth...but alas I am still around.  Just not blogging much because my life is just life... not too much going on.  I have a friend taking a "photo" a day for a month.  Sorry to say some are not too interesting.  So I am not alone in my monotonous adventure through life.  However, Scott and I recently returned from an amazing vacation!  Get ready for some pics people!

These first few are of our NaPali Coast tour.  Absolutely amazing landscape.  The mountains are huge and amazing and drop into this beautiful blue water.  The water changed colors around every corner.  These sea caves are awesome.  Our tour guide backed into one and let us see how big it was.  Scary!  You can tell which sea cave we were in because of the wake coming out of the cave... don't miss it!

Our tour ended early due to a big storm that came in.  We were soaked by the time we made it to our car but even the storm was pretty awesome to watch!

 This is our resort and some pictures of the beach and trees surrounding.  Beautiful place.  Didn't use the resort to its full potential because we were too busy out exploring the island!