Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jenna's 5th Birthday


I really had bought wrapping paper paper but put it in a really special place. Yes, I found it the day if only I can find it before James' birthday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Secret to SHORT Showers by Walt and Annette Hill (as seen through the eyes of Elizabeth Leavitt)

Last month I had the experience of returning to my childhood home. I was there to help my brother with his family, but that is another story.

I showered the first day upstairs in the shower that I had used for years. I had forgotten what a great little shower it is! The lighting is just right to cast a light on any flaw I may have on my face. I think that has to do with the slanted ceiling. The shower is POWERFUL! My first thought was that I would exit the shower quite bruised and in need of medical attention. But that was a short lived thought as the shower instantly went from HOT to FRIGID!!! I could not get out fast enough.

The next day I decided to shower downstairs because...well, I needed to shave and that takes a few minutes to cover the acre-age. that shower is awesome! Nice warm, lasted forever. I decided I better not use it too much or I'd neglect the kids...besides the water spilling out of the tub as fast as it entered it was a great shower.

I once again showered upstairs and thought I'd wait for the water to get nice and WARM before I got it. I just waited a minute and stepped in. I got my hair nice and lathered up when the water went COLD! I quickly tried to run some conditioner through my hair and bolt out of the shower.

I spoke with Kathryn about what I was doing wrong...she informed me if I was waiting a minute then I had wasted half of the hot water. The key is to be ready...turn on the water...step in...shower quick and get out! With that noted I had short but warm showers from then on.

I do not remember having cold or short showers growing up. I do remember having to share the shower and if Ken came a knocking it was time to get out or get seen! So perhaps I just have a bad memory.

Our parents had OBVIOUSLY planned to save money on heating and water bill. We must have been expert SHORT showerers! So, my advice if you have kids who take showers that are too long....simply have a super small water heater and water pressure that could clean off the driveway. I bet those kids get out faster than you could imagine.

Thanks Mom and Dad!