Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Assymetry and flat bread

You may be wondering how these two things are related... they aren't too much. Except they happened to fall on the same day (pun intended). While my mother was here for Christmas she taught me how to Crochet. I have really enjoyed making this afghan. I haven't made one before so choosing how much yarn and how big to make it were a bit hard for me. Thankfully mom helped figure all that out. I asked Scott how big to make it (not the right person to ask). He thinks it should be big enough for the family to fit under. Well, I had good intentions. I kept on measuring him and trying to figure out where the middle should be so I could repeat my pattern back to the other side. Finally he thought it would be a good length. About half way to the end I realized with that much added yard it would be way to heavy to even lift off the floor. So I stopped. I can't even tell you how hard it was for me to stop and to not have a symmetric afghan. I'm trying to think of it as my attempt to be "new age"... or something. I really like it but I like it best being under it when I can't see that the pattern doesn't finish. The original half way is just under Jenna's knees. Don't you think it is big enough? I actually goes a little bit past the top of Jenna's head.
On the same day I finished my afghan I decided to bake bread. I have learned that living in the desert it is best to NOT add all the flour called for in any recipe. I always skimp. So making bread I just add enough so it sticks together and then it does great. I didn't take into consideration the fact that it was raining. I have three of the ugliest loaves of bread to eat. Thankfully it tastes fine, unlike the Weight Watchers wheat bread recipe which I tried and about gagged looked even worse.
Now you have heard the two sad tales of a day. No biggie

Why it takes me all morning to put away veggies this morning I made it to the bank and then to the grocery store. I just had a few veggies to pick up. Not much. Should be a quick trip then home and put them away. So, after I've fed the two little ones its time to start the bags. I got a few non-kitchen things put away and then opened the fridge. I can't put food in there, I think to myself. I have to clean it first. So I go to the laundry room to find my Lysol. I look up and notice all my cleaners are in a bit of disarray. I have to organize those. As I'm doing this I remember the downstairs shower door is looking pretty filmy and should be sprayed out. I spray it and go to get a towel to wipe it out. Hmmm...all my cleaning rags are gone. the dryer. So, I have to fold them all. With the help of James this is a fairly simple process. I now have a towel to scrub the shower. It didn't look quite right so I grab my windex to finish it up. Might as well do the mirrors and the mirror in the hallway too. Wipe all windexable surfaces clean! Now I can start on the fridge!

I just got back from picking up Eliza from school. Now it is lunch time. Then I will clean that, then I can work on the fridge... It might get done before tomorrow but don't hold your breath!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lunch Time Conversation

Eliza was holding a Disney water bottle that has the characters on it...Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Daisy... Eliza turns to Jenna and says, "Jenna say these names really fast." Jenna, "Say these names really fast." Eliza, "No, say who these are really fast." Jenna, "Say who these are really fast." Eliza, "No, no, no...say..." I was laughing so hard by this point! This is what it is like communicating with Jenna. Perfectly innocent, but sometimes irritating.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Obsession

Mom and dad were here for Christmas and with them they brought my grandpa's life story. I have had more fun reading about his life in the last couple of weeks. It has been a nice break to see what they really lived like. He had so many adventures and I'm just shocked at some that I have read. Like...when he was 11 he went on a 180 mile train ride and spent the week in someones home for a school activity! Can you imagine? I was also amazed that moving from northern Utah to Drummond Montana took 4 days! I didn't even think about the freeways not being there! How little I know. I wish there was a little more about car adventures because I find them quite amusing for someone else to have car issues...the number of flat tires, mud holes, dirt roads, and mountains is simply amazing to read about. I also enjoyed the story of how his girlfriend, someday to become his wife, played a huge joke on their friends by faking their breakup for a few weeks. They learned who were their real friends and were much closer after the episode. Very cute. Anyway, now I spend at least a few minutes every day learning about my Grandpa Hill. I'm so glad he left this book to read!


Potty training is always an adventure. At our house I thought it would be more simple because we have GIRLS. Little did I know they can cause just as much problems as boys. I remember when Eliza was learning and she had the ability to pee between the seat and toilet so it dribbled all down the front. Poor Scott was accused a few times but I finally figured out what she was doing. She had good aim! Jenna has not let her game down in this area either. Yesterday before she was getting in the tub she showed me how she likes to pee...amazingly enough it went a good 4 inches above the seat. At first I was quite impressed with the clearance and distance and then totally grossed out as I chased James away from the puddle that was forming on the floor. I think she actually pees better when nobody is around to watch the show. At least she is trying! I'm back to only one in diapers...most of the time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

I'm having a hard time with the words for was just fun! The kids had a great time having dad home way more than usual and we enjoyed the company of Grandma and Grandpa Hill.

Brilliant...of course I didn't get any good shots of GGHill...duh. I guess they will have to come and visit again! I really am getting worse and worse at documenting things.