Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Who knew Halloween was such a big deal. It all started at the gym where Eliza realized there were cobwebs and pumpkins everywhere. She started asking from the beginning of the month if it was time for Halloween. I decided to celebrate in stages. First we did caramel apples with some friends. The kids had a great time and I didn't mind the leftover caramel at all!
Later that week we carved a pumpkin. Eliza did not enjoy scooping the goop out of the middle but after a while she got into it and she and her dad did a great job!
Eliza was also a huge help in making our one and only Halloween decoration...SPIDERS!

Now we have fat spiders haning from our fan and light and wherever else we could hang them. She was in charge of putting the beans in the bellies of the spiders.

I think we are ready for Halloween. Now we get to dress up tomorrow night and walk around the church parking lot at the trunk-or-treat. Eliza can't wait! It's so much fun to have a 4 year old!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had this fabulous dream last night. I was running free through the streets of Missoula. Not only was I running, but it was up a nice hill and then I had to actually start climbing these rocks because it got so steep. Once I made it to the top of that I sprinted up the next paved area. Oh, it was freeing! Do you think I burned off extra calories just from dreaming I was running? Darn!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today we had our ultrasound to find out what we are having! A BOY!! Scott is thrilled! I think it should be fun too. I'd post a picture..but poor thing hasn't even been born yet and we're already exploiting him. Can't hardly tell at this point unless you have someone describing every line to you as you look at the kid. Good grief, I am amazed at our tech every time I have an ultrasound! She is amazing! I'm getting pretty good at "head", "heart", "spine" beyond that I need help.
Anyway we are half way there! I'm more excited about that perhaps. Thankfully my doctor is not so big into the 40 week rule so I hope this kid comes in February. Planning is a nice thing these days. I need to think BLUE before the baby comes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Too Soon

I guess I posted too soon yesterday. As I was finishing up writing Eliza was asking if she could make "soup". Sounded like a good idea at the time. We had an hour before we were to be at a friends for dinner, I needed to shower and get ready, Jenna was taking a nap...perfect time to have Eliza occupied making soup. Her version of soup is a bowl of water, flour, sugar, and yesterday she was lucky enough to have Cheerios and Tang in the mix. She just puts things in the bowl, stirs them up and loves it. As I was getting out of the shower I hear Jenna crying, darn it! Pretty short nap, then Eliza walks into the bathroom and says "mom, it just spilled so quick!" Oh No!!! I throw on the closest clothes I can find, grab Jenna and head downstairs to see the disaster. Had I been a little less upset perhaps I would have taken a picture. It looked like orange puke running from my table to the floor...A LOT OF IT! I was so glad I had decided to give her Tang and Cheerios! The Cheerios were mush and the Tang just made it more colorful and twice as sticky! Clean up was not quick and easy due to the amount of sugar we had spread around. Of course it splattered to all far reaches of the kitchen. Even though I did a good job cleaning it up, I'm sure I'll find orange sticky spots as I scrub the ENTIRE kitchen today! Anybody want to come and help? Just kidding... its not biggie! Just part of the world of a 4 year old.

Speaking of my four year old. Just came home from the gym and apparently I have upset her. She locked me and Jenna in the garage. Of course I had taken in my purse and bag, come back for the girls, Eliza jumped out and ran in. It took a few moments of negotiation with Jenna to come with, went to open the door... no budge! Of course my keys are inside! UGH!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How do you listen to Genereal Conference?

I have almost given up hope of watching conference every October and April. I do still have hope I can hear bits and pieces of it. With both the girls awake it is almost impossible to do either. This morning we got the computer hooked up to the TV and were listening to the opening song. Scott went upstairs to help the girls get dressed quickly. I hear "Jenna drank your fingernail polish remover." Being the concerned mom I am I called back "There wasn't too much in there anyway." More of the concern was how my little one can find things like this. I had just used it yesterday but had it on my counter out of her reach. Only then did I remember I had towels on the counter...she probably pulled the towels off and off came the remover. She didn't even have to unscrew the broke. After a few moments of pondering what I should do and listening to Scott get frantic (frantic for Scott is like level 2 freak out for me...he is much more calm but it was obvious he was QUITE concerned about the whole thing) I called my brother in law who is a doctor. His advice "Call Poison Control". So with Conference going I get on the phone to poison control. Lucky they said if kids put it in their mouth they don't drink much because it burns so bad. MMMM. Sounds like a good after breakfast drink to me. She's been fine all day so I think we are okay. I have this feeling Jenna will hold a lot of "first" experiences for me, even being the second child. HAPPY CONFERENCING!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Haircut 101

I have needed a haircut for quite some time. As the days rolled on, the need turned into being desperate. I decided to run out last night and get it cut. It has been growing out for quite a while. A lot of indicision made this a bit easier because I didn't know what I wanted, I didn't do anything. So, last night I asked the lady to keep it pretty long, showed her a picture of a girl with hair that was about shoulder length, curled under... pretty basic, but if I wanted to add layers later it wouldn't be a problem. I specifically asked her not to blunt cut it, to make sure it curled under when it was dry. Guess what I have! I a blunt cut, chin length bob. Yup, not exactly what I wanted but I'm not too attached to my hair. Good thing!
You will also notice how tired I look... it was 8pm at this point and my energy was ZAPPED so this is what you get. There is something else wrong with this picture but I can't figure out what, perhaps the double chin? Hair color? Who knows.