Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Watch out baby!

I've been waiting almost 2 years for James to wear this suit! Oh my...ADORABLE!!

Just so you know

Isn't he awesome! I had a weak moment and thought he could handle the pudding...whatever.

Where have we been?

Well, life has been a little busy and actually right now...yes, the week before Christmas, I am less busy than I have been in months. Partly due to the lack of a computer for 2 months and moving right after that I have not been able to post anything. But, as of today I have a functional computer, internet that actually works and time to sit and stare at the screen! Wahoo!!

I just downloaded all my pictures onto my "new" computer so hopefully I'll be able to do cliff notes of the past couple of months and catch up on our lie a bit. I know you all have missed me something terrible so ease your mind...I'M BACK!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life is Great!

I've just been reminded over and over today how good life is. I have been pondering things, enjoying my day to day with my kids a lot more and enjoying the little things they do...even if it usually means more work for me later. I am so happy to have the sweet family that I do. I love the learning process with each one of them. I enjoy the stages and ages that they are each at. I love my day to day interaction with my kids. I am so blessed to be able to be home with them every day. What a gift in my life!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Day on the Farm

Here we are on our way to do a little yard work...yup, the whole gang came along to "help".

The Many faces of Bridger!

Here is our actual destination...clean up the newly cut grass so the Young Women's camp can have a nice place to spend the week...It is a beautiful place to camp down by the river!

James...not so interested in the dead grass...just the motorized stuff!

And just because he gets cuter by the day you get to see him again.

The Jenna Boo...

Jenna spent hours out running around. I tried to make sure she was lathered in sun screen before she left for the day because I had no idea how long she would stay out.

Here she is sporting the Princess Diana look...totally happy, soaking wet. (Note the potato field in the background...this will come in handy in a later post.) This is where I usually found Jenna in the mornings. We finally got her out of the cages but she was usually with the bunnies for several hours every day.

Who me, get out? I'm not supposed to be in here?
Since I can climb in that way, I'll try this way!
After a full day being outside, two changes of clothes and plenty of mosquito bites...
This is one happy little girl who must be a farm girl at heart.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foust Farm-the BIRD story

Sunday, after attending church with Grandma and Grandpa, we headed over to the farm. One little chore that couldn't wait another day was to put the newly hatched pheasants out in a bigger incubator. With all this help, I have no idea how Kath kept track of how many there were...she tried to count them.

My, oh my, the girls were happy...I was a bit scared Jenna was going to squish one to death but she was quite good at simply holding the little thing. They are soooooo cute and soft its hard to resist!
The problem is, they have to be really warm so had to go back home...Aunt Kathryn was the meanie who told Jenna...
I'm such a good mom...I just sat there and snapped pictures of this sad little face.
Okay, okay, Aunt Kathryn is a softie and said she could hold it for a minute longer...oh, the joy!!!

But no, really this one needs to warm up...the time had come....

Ya...I'm such a good mom...can you tell I'm trying to console her and comfort her...(click, click, click)
Aunt Kathryn let her have a different bird...we could rotate them all night and let her be happy.
At this point let me tell you the story of Eliza's little bird...she had one to start with as well. She also had to give it up for a newer, warmer bird. As she got her new bird her sweet cousin Bridger said "watch out, its going to poop on you." Unfortunately, the bird had just had a drink and had water on its mouth. Eliza freaked, thinking it had peed on her and dropped it on the ground. Before anyone could react their dog, Diesel, snatched it up. It was so fast and sad. He carried it around for quite some time before coming over and dropping it and then eating it. We had to relive the horrible scene all over again. Poor Eliza kept saying "Bridger made me do it!" So sad.
Here is the true farmer. Everett Foust is my brother in laws dad. He has been here on the farm forever. He is in his 80's and spends as much time out working in the sun as anyone else. It is really what he loves! He is the sweetest most kind man. I just love being around him.

Welcom Back to the Cabin

Sorry for the long delay...I hope you weren't holding your breath...just kidding.

We have arrived back at the cabin after our little visit to the farm. This is where my parents currently reside and where we like to play. They bought this piece of property 20 years ago and over the span of a few years were able to build the main part of the cabin. The building on the right is actually their garage which was added once they decided to live up here full time. The winters deserve a garage. Here are the Foust kids...out with the two kayaks roped together. Those two girls got a workout that day!!!

Little James could not find room in his mouth for his tongue...I have a dozen pictures of him doing various things with his tongue hanging out. Cute boy!

James was content to sit on the grass in the kayak.
Jenna wanted to go for a real ride...of course...
Grandpa needed a bit o help to fix that seat for the canoe. The canoes haven't gotten as much use since the purchase of the kayaks...much easier to take out when you are little.
Jenna's kayak ride...thanks MacKenzie!
Grandma...well, being grandma! Cotton candy anyone? Really after selling this for a few summers down at the local pool this stuff almost makes me gag. Actually I like a small amount and then I'm done...the grandkids LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
can you tell?
Here's my sugar girl.
The lake is for playing and making memories. We had so much fun spending hours playing in the water...it was absolutely wonderful!

Back to the Lake

For all my adoring fans who have been wondering where I grew up...here it is...the famous Locust home. Isn't it cute?
There is a park about a block away from the house that I love to visit...I had a couple hours without the kids so went for a walk to try out my new camera. Welcome to Greenough Park. Many hours were spent in the water trying to catch minnows with my friend Sarah...I still can't imagine letting my kids go down and do what we did.

My sister let me take her kids to the lake with me for a few days...which was just a blast! The kids had so much fun playing together.
This is Eliza jumping into the lake for the first time...
Jenna just liked to drink the lake water...she survived but that was gross.