Monday, August 25, 2008

It Has Begun!

Here I sit looking forward to the day. It is after 7am and Eliza is STILL asleep! I need a little choir in the background singing praises. Jenna is happy and playing. I slept better than I have in quite some time. So, you might wonder what I'd do with a day full of energy and happy kids? CLEAN! Boy, does my house need it. I hope to get to some of the projects that have been plaguing me since I got home from Montana. The sad news of today is that it is the beginning of our 15 week sentence to time without dad. Scott starts school today. He will work from 4am until 1pm, then head to the University from 2pm - 7pm. He has high hopes to be home to help me get the girls ready for bed before he heads to bed at 8pm. What a dad!
My hunger monster just woke up so I need to go feed her. Some kids can wake up and play for an hour or so before eating, Jenna, but Eliza wakes up comes walking downstairs declaring she is hungry! So, it begins!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Is It Over Yet?

I was up last night pondering things that really don't have any place in my brain while I am trying to fall long is my mortgage fixed? What will the rates be like when we refinance? Will the market still be under? But most importantly...WHY IS IT STILL SO HOT! I watch the news in the morning and saw this great weather report. I was so hopeful that by the end of the week we'd only be 99! Um, not so! I shouldn't even watch! They just need to put up things like Monday - HOT, Tuesday - HOT with hair dryer winds, Wednesday - SUPER HOT, Thursday - Don't leave your house! Well, most of my summer would be that. I can NOT motivate myself outside until it is under 103. That seems to be my breaking point. However, I've even been bad about that number this summer. I guess I will hope for the best next week. And to think, I missed the worst of it while I was in Montana!

Monday, August 11, 2008

At the Farm

The last week in Montana we were able to visit my sister on her farm. The girls LOVED the animals. Eliza learned some new words and their dead. My sister raises pheasants and when they are young some days you can find one or two dead in the incubator. Eliza learned they just throw these in the garbage. When she would go outside she would run to the garbage and check for dead birds.

We were also able to go and feed a neighbors baby calfs. Eliza and Jenna both loved that. Jenna thought the bottle was just the right size for her, and yes, she did suck on it. I about threw up!

All in all we had a great trip. The girls had a great time with their cousins and I had a great time with my family. I wish I hadn't been sick... would have made the trip more pleasant and bearable. I'm glad my family puts up with me as I descend upon them for a LONG stay during the summer. Thanks!

Let the Trip Begin

The trip is actually over but I didn't take the time while in Montana to write... so here is the long, long story. This is what welcomed us to Missoula the first day. The girls were thrilled to see the deer walk through the yard just a couple feet from where we were inside. Two males just wanted a little bird seed...or apples... we couldn't really tell what they were eating.We did make it through the two hour flight...which is not long thankfully. Jenna was very social and decided to make friends with the guy sitting across the way from us. Unfortunately he ran out of excitement for her much before she did for him. I stressed about what to do for our flight home for about a week before I bought her a ticket. I relaly don't have to buy her a ticket because of her age but what a drag to battle her and try to keep her on my lap! Eliza on the other hand was thrilled with the whole experience and was a total angel. I think I wait to fly by myself with kids until the youngest is 3!

We spent the first couple of days in Missoula with my brother, Ken, and his family. Dad was nice enough to pick us up from the airport and dump us off at our first stop. Jenna loves her cousin Payton! They just hugged and giggled every time they saw each other. They were so fun! This is Boston and Jenna. Boston was so cute with Jenna. He really was like a big brother!

After a few days in town we headed up to the cabin for a week.

This is the view off the front deck of the cabin. Yup, my parents live in heaven. It was so nice and cool. It was great to wake up to greenery and fresh air. Unfortunately I got a cold the second week in Montana, which took its toll on me. Two weeks of congestion, soar throat coughing...UGH! Didn't help things AT ALL!

The following week was our family reunion! 40 some odd of us in one house, 5 kids under 4, three of those under two! 7 families. Lots of food. Lots of water! Made for one busy, fun week. All our family pictures are on my brothers camera... so I'll spare you those for now.

Grandma and Granpa always pull out the cotton candy machine at least once with the grandkids around. Eliza had more candy on her hand than on her stick... YUM! Its not too bad when you are near a lake. You can just go throw all the kids in to DE-stickify.

Scott was able to come and visit for the last weekend of the reunion. Boy were the girls happy to see him!