Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This morning has been so darn pleasant...I think this is the last week of spring here but May really has been quite delightful. A bit windy here and there but the AC has been on for just a couple of days this whole month! Last year I remember trying to hold out until May to turn it on and I didn't make it by a day or two. So, soon I will bid farewell to my low power bill.

Scott has started his diet and exercise program. Last night as he was upstairs working out it sounded like the ceiling was going to crash down on me. But, at least he's doing it! He is still trying to sell me on joining him but I have no desire to work out the hour before I go to bed. I prefer mornings...when I actually get up...which brings me to this morning. I actually did get up and go running. Not too long or hard but I got up! Made such a difference in my morning. The kids seem more pleasant I was ready to go earlier. I actually had time to make beds and tidy up upstairs. Now everyone is enjoying breakfast. I don't know if they had a good sleep as well but perhaps it has just been me waking up grumpy that makes the whole day seem bad.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I need to write about our incredible vacation. Scott and I were able to go to Oceanside for 3 days with no kids. Never happened before. We got there late Thursday night. It was so weird to not worry about driving with kids in the car and having to get there before bedtime. It didn't matter! So, I don't have too much to say about it because we really had a weekend full of doing NOTHING! It was fabulous. What a joy to wake up not because of kids. I think that was what I was looking forward to the most. Also worth mentioning is the fact that I didn't cook all weekend! We ate out and went to a farmers market. I think the market was my favorite part! We got fresh fruits and veggies and some yummy bread. We stopped at a grocery store on the way home, picked up some meat and made sandwiches and salad for lunch. I think it was the best sandwich I've ever had. The salad actually had flavor! The carrots still had dirt on them when we picked them up. The strawberries were so good we stopped later and got a whole flat so I could make some jelly. Just incredible.
We did eat out at a very nice fish place. I had to make sure it was nice because I'm not a huge fish fan and if I'm going to eat it I want it to be good. Oh, my, was it ever! I had this macadamia nut crusted halibut. And the BBQ'd artichoke appetizer was perfect too. We wandered around, went shopping, saw two movies, had breakfast at a local diner, sat on the beach (it was too cold for least for me), rode bikes around like tourists, ate coldstone ice cream and watched movies in bed. It was a perfect weekend.

I guess even better than the farmers market was that Scott and I never did anything apart. We were within eyesight of each other all weekend. He is so sweet and wonderful and getting to spend some time with him is heaven.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Jenna

I have to admit that Jenna is quite the handful...somedays I can't keep ahead of her...actually that is most days. But then I found her like this one afternoon. I had to remember the moment. I'm thinking of making a shirt for her to wear so I don't forget how adorable she is when she's asleep...a total angel!

My Handsome Boy

I mean they get any cuter than this?

Mother's Day Tea

Eliza's school did Mother's Day was way cute. The kids were all so excited to be with their moms and to serve them! Jenna was happy to be there too.
I don't know what to say about these...Jenna is just funny.


Here Scott is!! Due to my spectacular telephoto lens this is the best I got! We were lucky enough to be about parallel with him on the correct side of the arena. Not bad for never knowing where you should sit. Jim, LeeAnne, Loraine and Daniel were all there for the graduation. What a great family!

Here are our little munchins. Had to redress for this since they were at the babysitters! Thank goodness! That was a 4 hour ordeal. Even though our seats were good we were right under the AC unit and thought I was going to freeze to death! Serious cold.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'd like to say that today I really celebrated that we are done with school...I guess if you call cleaning the three toilets and bathrooms celebrating then BOY did I ever! However parts of my room look better but still there is this underlying grossness around me, and very little desire to do anythig about it. Instead I cuddled with the girls on the couch and let the answering machine get the phone.

We Made It!!!

Scott took his last final last night. The kids and I were at a friends' Court of Honor so he joined us through. When I saw him walking through the door it was like heaven. I was so proud of him and excited to have him home and happy and wanted to tackle him and plant a big kiss on him and scream and shout! I didn't do any of those things but probably will this weekend after graduation! What a man - and he's all mine!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eliza's Award

Eliza was Student of the Month for her class. We went to the assembly. She was so cute and so happy to be up on stage. Here she is with her pincipal...Mrs. Alamshaw.
(note: James' hair...this was Thursday morning.)

My baby boy

I went to a RS meeting last Thursday and left the kids in the care of dad...I came home to this...
He is still mine...but it has taken me almost a week to get used to the hair being gone. Perhaps its because he looks so much like this...

Same little buzz cut as my two oldest brothers...I actually think the cheeks look a bit more like David (darker hair) but with blue eyes. He is a keeper though! Dad did a great job!

Just a Few things...

I've been a little more than obsessed with a new website...
makes me feel so blessed and so happy to be who I am but really, she was like this all before her accident. What a sweet story. I've only started reading it but can't get enough of it. So, if you call and ask what I'm doing, I'll probably be reading this blog. is Scott's LAST FINAL!!! I can hardly believe it! What a man! He made it through working full time and having a family and a very needy wife! We have graduation on Saturday. I can hardly believe it is over. I'm sure we'll fill the time with other things but really this is HUGE!!!

I'm so looking forward to next weekend away...I'm totally nervous to leave the kids but I know they will be in great hands.

I have a lot of little posts to do but my mind is soooooo wandering today...and really all I want to do is take a nap. Perhaps that is because I was up for hours last night with one cute little boy who had a fever.