Monday, December 15, 2008


Bring it on! Yes, it does get cold here...even cold enough to snow. Not only did it snow but for a good couple hours it was the beautiful big fluffy flakes! Made my little Montana heart melt. But because it is such an unusual experience in Vegas it is definitely BLOG worthy!

Cute Girls

I just tried to snap some cute matchy-matchy pictures of the girls. I need Jenn here to help!

I Lost My Brain!

I know this is not too hard to believe...but it really happened. Sometime between last Tuesday and Friday I lost it. I had planned out my entire Christmas, written in down in my notebook. I also had a few other lists going in there of very important things. Well, I needed to be organized. A friend was taking the girls and I had an hour and half to do the Christmas shopping. I even had to wake the girls up in the morning because they were sleeping in and scooted out the door to make the most of my time. Got to her house, dropped the girls off, no list. Came home, searched, even put the groceries from Tuesday away, no list. Got in the car and tried to wing it. I don't think I did too badly. So far no major mishaps but good grief - I thought I'd find my brain by now. My whole house is a mess and doesn't have much hope till after the holidays. Well, maybe after the baby comes. Oh well!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Old Me...

Part of a little project I am doing for my dad I have come across some rather cute kids... one of them was me! I have been scanning my dads slides for him. I have seen all of our "individual" shots, but the ones I am doing now, I have never seen. It is fun to look into the past. So, for those of you who think Eliza is my twin, yes, she is much like me now, but check this out...

I'm just about 2 here, with my oldest brother teaching me the finer points of fishing. Doesn't look too much like Eliza... but here is Jenna a few months ago, She, of course, is much cuter, but there is some resemblance and I can claim her as mine. (As if carrying her for 9 month and giving birth wasn't enough proof!)

Monday, December 1, 2008


So much to be grateful for! Our little family was lucky enough to go to our friends cabin for the weekend. Thank you Dix and Kaleen! They are great friends with huge hearts who are willing to share their mountain cabin with us.

We decided to drive up Wednesday as soon as Scott got home from work. I was a little sceptical about the weather forecast. It was raining here and thought it might be snowing on the mountain. It is just a small 10,000ft. After we had done most of the drive I thought all my worries were for naught. We were doing great! Humming our way up the mountain at a pretty nice click when the road became ICE. There really wasn't snow around, just ice. Scott had bought some chains before we left, you know - wanted to be prepared! He got out, put them on and we were well, very slow! Thankfully the local Asian community was putting on their chains at the same time. They told us they were on too loose and so we pulled over and they were very nice to help us. Nice to know they knew what they were doing and the Canadian boy and Montana girl were clueless! Honestly...I only got out of the car to get my coat from the back.

NOW, we were ready to head up the mountain. We slowly inched our way up about half a mile more when one of the chains broke. Hmmm, so there we sat. How were we going to move? Could we just slide down the hill and hope for the best? Was there anyone to deliver us from this little mess? I called a friend in Vegas and he was able to track down someone who was already up the mountain to come and rescue us. Here came the man who has delivered me once before... yes, my OB/GYN. The tow truck working the hill wasn't too willing to pull us up, but the Dr. was. He was glad that I wasn't out pushing the van but Scott made one mistake. "So, Dr., Elizabeth is pretty stressed about this whole thing...its not good she's stressed, is it?" In all sincerity he replied, "No, its really not." Scott felt bad for a few minutes but with the Dr's confidence that he could get us up the the cabin, he tied us to his truck and pulled us. How do you thank someone for doing that?

Our relaxing weekend had begun! We unloaded the car, let the girls play for a bit and then enjoyed the next 4 days! Wow! It was great! It snowed big fluffy flakes all Thursday leaving about 8 inches outside. Scott kept himself busy snowblowing and shoveling. The girls were just happy being outside.

The next two days were perfect as well. There was a bit of a wind but it was incredible. We did NOTHING. It was perfect. I read a book, Scott played with the girls, we slept and ate and had a great time being together.