Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sometimes I wish I had a different name...not referring to my legal name. Right now I go through days where this is all I hear-
"Mom, can I help you?"
"Mom, I'm hungry." (of course this is 10 minutes after I finish cleaning from the previous meal)
"Mom, what's for lunch?"
"Mom, can I feed the fish?" (No - we don't have fish, just the imaginary kind that live in our sink from time to time)
"Mom, can I watch this movie?"
"Mom, Jenna is touching me."
"Mom, I'm going to watch this movie."
"Mom, can you fix it?"
"Mom, Look!"
"Mom, the floor is wet."
"Mom, I want my water bottle."
"Mom, where's dad?"
"Mom, where are we going next?"
"Mom, can we go to the park?"
"Mom, can I cook?"
"Mom, can I help you clean?"
"Mom, where's Jenna?"
"Mom, but I want to make soup."
"Mom, can I talk to Abby?"
"Mom, I want to watch my movie."
"Mom, I want a pig one." (referring to our home video from Montana last summer_
"Mom, turn it up."
"Mom, look, there's the pig!"
"Mom, I saw my purple crocs."
"Mom, I'm dancing."
"Mom, can we go swimming?"
"Mom, where's dad?" (I get this a few times during the day)

Most of the questions are repeated a couple different ways, rearranging words here and there and simply trying to get my attention. I usually answer after the first try but on days like today it is not unusual to hear the same question 4-5 times.

EVERY SINGLE sentence has to be prefaced with my name. Most of the time I keep my emotions tamed, but somedays it is too much for me and I just want to run away....actually I just want to yell, or just vent in my blog...probably the best way to not be frustrated.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eliza's Hair - Take THREE

The other day I decided to cut Eliza's hair... you are seeing the finished project, which took most of the day. I started it while Jenna was asleep and got the bulk of it done but didn't finish "fixing" it until just before bed. I think it is cute. It definately has some mistakes, but only if you are looking. She also was able to snatch up the scissors in half a second and snip some bangs of her own! UGH! Boy was dad unhappy about that. I was less concerned about the hair and more concerned that she had a SUPER sharp object directed at her head! With a little more practice I should be able to cut hair! I decided I should learn since I have two girls and would rather just do it than try to figure out where, when and how to get both of them to sit for someone else while they cut. Eliza was a trooper and likes her new dew. (I don't know if that is the right do, dew, due, doo - what is wrong with English?)

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Eliza

Not to bore you with this kid, but I think she is hysterical on a daily basis...some good some bad. I would publish the video from today but someone might turn me in. She and her little friend Abby ended up naked taking "baths" in our bathroom sink...a little too small for much but amazingly enough she fit! It was pretty cute, but perhaps not appropriate for the blog. I'll wait until she starts dating to share that piece of footage.

Here is Eliza all dressed up ready for I say, I really don't ask her to pose...its totally her thing!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eliza Singing

Eliza is part of a little singing group. They had their concert this last week and she was just cute! She did really well! I promise you she comes up with the poses on her own!

Harley Bike

A friend gave us this little bike for Eliza, and of course she is too scared to try it but Jenna loves it. Any moment she can she runs out the garage door and heads to the bike. She even knows how to make it go, she rides her 3 feet into the wall and spins her wheels until I pull her kicking and screaming off the bike. I'm sure Grandma Bev is really proud of this moment!!


I just got done serving a very delightful meal after this long fast Sunday! Whew! What a lot of work. It was all pretty good except for gravy which always is a mystery to me. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Jenna slept through dinner which was perhaps another reason the meal was so nice. Eliza was being pretty funny through the whole thing, and with both of our full attention she really took advantage. Jenna finally woke up - or should I say we went to wake her up and found her playing in her crib...she's a funny duck. I tried feeding her dinner which she proceeded to spit out. While I'm feeding her Eliza says she is still hungry and wants oatmeal! I can not believe it! More cooking after 3 hours of cooking, eating and cleanup! Well, she did eat a pretty good meal so I consented. Yup, oatmeal for dinner. Jenna had her two bites and was done. Maybe she'll eat tomorrow!