Friday, January 9, 2009

Vacation in Montana

The day after Christmas we jumped on a plane and headed to Montana. Because they make you pay to reserve seats we thought we'd just hope for the best. Yup, last seats on the plane. It made my day though that Eliza went running back there and jumped in and said, "Look mom, a window!" Yes, that was a window with the engine less than 12 inches away. All she could see was blue, but it didn't matter to her.

We had a great time sledding and swimming at the cabin. It was a nice group with my family, my brothers family, and friends family. There was plenty of snow to sled on which was perfect for the girls. Jenna didn't ever want to come in... she just loves to be outside!

These are my friends kids. They were fun to have around. Eliza loved playing with Laynee. My mom had candy projects for the kids to do and take home!

Scott decided to take a dip in the hot tub and it quickly filled with little ones. What a sport!

My brother from Utah drove up and was at the cabin for a few days with us. Unfortunately, they didn't have quite the nice entrance we did. At this point I was really glad we were able to fly!

This was the second time they used this tree to come down the drive. I don't think my dad will ever get rid of it! The roads were quite slick and with new snow they were a bit unpredictable.

After the cabin I headed up to spend some time on my sisters farm. Scott had returned to Vegas to work for a couple days then flew back to get us home. We had fun on the farm, snowmobiling, sledding and running around outside. My brother in laws goal was to see how many people we could fit on the sled and snowmobile. He tried to get me on there because I'm worth at least 1 and half!

I forgot to take pictures of Jenna with her favorite entertainment... the two dogs! She would sit on their backs and ride them. Scott was also able to go shoot with my brother in law and picked up this little hunting trophy...yum! Lucky for me that had to stay, I didn't think it would make it through security. Once again, grateful we didn't drive!

Overall it was a great vacation! It was great to be in the snow and cold for a few days but even nicer to be around family. It was great!


Today I have had a rough day with the girls. The short trip to Target was not so pleasant and I wanted to cry by the time we got to the car. Then all three of us could have been in tears in less than 30 minutes. Oh well.

Jenna is at a "non listening" stage and I'm going insane. I keep saying this... Eliza just told me she didn't want me to go to "insane" because she would miss me and it was too far away. If only she knew how close it was!

Also, we were asking her about her trip to Montana and what she had fun doing and she comes up with this brilliant thing. We have three sets of Grandparents. One in Canada, one in Montana and one here. The two sets up north are a little harder to keep track of in her mind... she said, "I like my grandma in Montanada." Perfect! The two are close anyways. She is a blast to have around.

Eliza is also very concerned for her new little brother. She keeps telling me how excited she is to see him and hold him. She asks if he is eating or sleeping. Yesterday she designated one of her baby's "James". She went walking around the house telling me and Scott that this was her baby James and he had the same name as her dad. She's a sharp little thing! I didn't even know she knew Scott's first name was James. Most adults don't know that. She also told me that her two babies were brother and sister and she was the mom and I was the grandma. Lucky me! She does have it all figured out though!!!

Christmas 2008

Here are the pictures of this Christmas.

My friend, Darlene, and her daughter, Miranda came over and gave the girls the cutest presents. Here is Jenna modelling her new finger paints!Christmas Eve we were lucky enough to be visiting the Jarman's when Santa came! Eliza loved it! Jenna wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing.

You can see the sympathy we give our kids! Actually, about five minutes after this she warmed up to Santa and gave him a hi-five. Those pictures are on my friends camera...I'll have them later.

As for Christmas, I guess I forgot to pull out the camera. I did video tape but that was it. Sorry.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Perhaps you think it is a requirement to "nest" before you have a baby. Not me. I think it comes out of shear annoyance for how filthy your house gets in the last months of pregnancy. UGH. I hate my floors. Well, anything below the knees is pretty much a lost cause. I keep looking around my house and realizing how far out of control it has gotten. Its pathetic, but I lack motivation and energy. Monday is when I have the most energy so perhaps I will clean then. I have said that for a few weeks now and haven't gotten very far. The whole point of this pathetic entry is that I can feel that "nesting" ("cleaning" is much more accurate) desire coming simply because I don't think I can go on without cleaning the floors, not because I want it to be sanitary when the baby comes home. Perhaps if I wait until the beginning of next month to do the floors I will only have to do them one more time before I can bend again... yes, I know that is gross, but it is what I have come to!