Saturday, March 26, 2011

One more Dance

Here are the older girls in their traditional competition dresses. They are really fun to watch.

Friday, March 25, 2011

How we spent March

Ok, this is my first attempt to put in a video...

We spent a few days and nights watching Eliza dance this last month. Honestly the cutest thing ever. She loves to be dancing, on stage and with the other girls. The big girls are so sweet to these little dancers and just a positive influence. Over all I have been super impressed by the quality of people in this small "Irish" dance community. So fun.

First Dance

She is third from the left and very cute.

Here she is second from left but a little hard to follow because she gets behind some other girls. She does take a little spill, stands up and finishes her dance! What a girl!

Second Dance

This is my favorite dance with the older girls. They are awesome and just have fun on stage.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some things....

Well, if I was all caught up and on the ball you'd have a picture with each blog. But just be grateful for what you get these days. Between getting Eliza to all her Irish dancing, filing my taxes and trying to keep up the cleaning after James...most days I'm just happy to be alive.

Eliza has had a great month of dancing. I'm hoping to figure out how to get the video to come across from Scott's phone. She came home from her performance on Saturday night, which was to a senior residence, and said "mom, they LOVED me!" She was so happy. Scott said the crowd was totally into it and enjoyed the show.

James is a walking disaster area. He is a quiet kid but when he wants something he starts bellowing my name. If I don't hear it frequently enough I know he's up to no good. Last week he covered the bathroom with a nice layer of bubble gum toothpaste. He had the help of Jenna who just stood there surrounded by the sticky stuff and said "James did it". Ya, sure. This morning while I was showering he covered the kitchen counters and one cabinet in butter. That's my favorite to clean! Then while I had my back turned he poured the last few ounces of a water bottle on the book shelf. OF COURSE IT HAD BOOKS ON IT!!!

So we begin a new week doing the same things I did last week...avoiding cleaning until it is totally destroyed (because that may be just a few minutes away) starting laundry that I don't ever want to finish putting away and playing with the kids. Life is good.