Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Could you be any more relaxed?

For No Good Reason

Except that he loves me! What a man!

Brian Head Utah

We went up to Brian Head and spent a nice long weekend since I totally messed up Memorial Day! I thought I was being soooo cool and getting my reservations done in March for Memorial day camping at Zion National Park. I checked dates...reserved three nights, since it was the long weekend...only to find out that I had reserved them for the week BEFORE memorial day. I was so good to give this to Scott for his birthday present....no present for him. So, Dix and Kaleen said we could go use the cabin. Oh, it was BEAUTIFUL!Can't tell you how much fun James had just walking up and down this road...he thought he was such a big boy.Jenna and her bugs! She likes to kill them, put them on her hand and bring them to me. It's like a cat with a dead mouse...

Like always we owe the Jarmans for such a wonderful weekend...really, if we didn't have such good friends we'd never get out of the valley!

Eliza's Kindergarten Program

Yes, I am a bit behind with this...actually the whole month of May went very fast and June is even worse so I'm really behind. So, at least you get this. Eliza's class puts on this cute program. She even got to hold the world. She was darn cute!
Eliza had such a sweet teacher all year. I was able to go and work in the classroom once a week and got to know her. I am amazed by teachers even more! What a sweet lady.

Dad thought this was cute.

So did mom.

Sister Kallon...AGAIN!

Once again I got to see Sister Kallon! What a fun day with her. We listened to her speak to the Lakes Stake Relief Society. After they had rooms and rooms of projects for the sisters to work on. I was able to be with her during the afternoon and take her shopping and drop her off at the airport. She has a wonderful way of making everything in life sound manageable and easy. She is a true inspiration!

My friend Sandra, me, Sister Kallon, her friend who lives here.