Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Family Pictures

Somehow I was able to trick Scott into family pictures. I decided I had to take James in again since he has changed so much and the week of pictures he got two teeth... so these are mostly for him. Not only because he's the youngest but the easiest to get to cooperate! So, even though the family shot isn't great, at least we have one. The girls get way too excited to have their pictures taken so they are a handful...I'm glad Scott was there to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Tennis

Ok...I don't play real well...but I do love to watch it and play when I can. Here is a clip of a favorite moment in Tennis. You have to know a bit about the players for it to be funny... but if you know the two players that Djokovic imitating this is FUNNY!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Favorite Commercial

This makes me laugh every time I see it...I don't even have a kid who dreads going to school. I just laugh and laugh....hope you do too!


Fat Feet

If I was making this comment about myself it would not be as cute.... Holy cow... Look how cute these little things are! I think he's 20 pounds. My back sure thinks so.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We lost Maggie

Well, that about sums it up... Saturday night she left our backyard while we were sleeping. No sign of her. I feel aweful because I took her tags off because sometimes they just hurt my ears and I thought she was waking James up at 5am by jingling them. So, they came off a few weeks ago and of course she decides its time to check out the neighborhood. I check the shelter listing about 7 times a day but so far nothing. I just hope she's safe somewhere. I miss the dumb dog.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth

We went up to Brian Head for the weekend....our favorite little gettaway! Our friends came with us and we had a great time. Of course I didn't take pictures of the whole gang but I did get some cute little girls!
Jenna couldn't give Ryan enough cuddles. So cute!

Evia and Eliza are so cute together! I don't even know if I saw them all weekend. They just played and played!

The girls had a great time on the zip-line. Jenna loved it even though she didn't smile more than this. Eliza couldn't go fast enough. SOOOOOO fun!

Remember This??

Oh, was I bragging or what!!! Remember how Scott LOVES to have a clean garage...
In fact he likes it so much he wanted to get carpet for me to drive on so I didn't mess up the floor!
Here it is today!

We have been housing these awesome dirt bikes for over a month...more like 6 weeks. The deal was we would have them for 2 weeks. Now, I have to admit that working on the dumb things to get them running has been a good little project. That is UNTIL you break your foot enjoying the fruit of your labor! UGH.

On a side note...It's only about 110 degrees, so putting the kids in the car out in the heat isn't at all inconvenient. It's not too bad unloading the kids then making 4 or 5 trips out to the curb to unload groceries. I figure I don't need to go to the gym!